Tooth-Coloured Fillings in Mooloolah, QLD

For many years, we restored teeth safely and effectively using dental amalgam, also known as silver fillings. Amalgams, while stable and reliable, have the obvious drawback of being visible and even darkening the entire tooth.tooth coloured fillings mooloolah qld

Our dentists are constantly in touch with any advances or improvements in tooth bonding technology, which is why we offer composite tooth-coloured fillings almost exclusively in our Mooloolah dental clinic.

Advantages of White Fillings

Tooth-coloured fillings have some significant advantages over old metal fillings.

Our dentists will expertly match the shade between your tooth and the filling material so that your filling is not visible when you talk, smile or laugh. This minimises the impact that your dentistry has on your smile and eliminates the dark shadow that amalgam fillings can cause, especially over time.

Tooth-coloured fillings bond strongly to your tooth without removing much of your healthy tooth structure for a more conservative way to treat cavities. Composite fillings completely seal out bacteria and stains, and restore much of the original strength of the tooth. 

Our patients also have concerns about the mercury content in metal fillings. While studies show that amalgam fillings are indeed safe, some people would like to avoid them anyway.

As a result, we rarely recommend the use of amalgam fillings.

fillings mooloolah qldHow Tooth-Coloured Fillings Work

Because we use digital x-rays for early detection of dental conditions, such as decay, we can often detect cavities in the early stages. Superficial cavities may not require the use of local anaesthetic to complete the procedure.

For larger cavities, we will always make sure you are completely numb. Our dentists expertly anaesthetise the area by first applying a topical numbing agent.

After removing all signs of decay and bacteria from the tooth, your dentist will choose a composite shade that closely matches your natural tooth colour and apply it in layers. A special curing light hardens the filling, and once they apply the final layer, we will polish the restoration to a shine that blends in with your tooth and feels natural.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Dental bonding refers to the process of adding composite to teeth to alter their shape or to fill in chips. Using white filling material, cosmetic bonding is a conservative way to improve your smile in a single visit.

  • Fill in chips and small gaps between teeth
  • Repair small imperfections
  • Give teeth a uniform appearance

In some cases, dental bonding can be used to create a composite veneer that bonds directly to the tooth as an alternative to lab-created ceramic veneers.

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