Paediatric Dentistry in Mooloolah, QLD

At Mooloolah Dental, we believe that trips to the dentist should be as fun as possible for children to help foster healthy oral habits for life. Our team loves looking after children’s oral health and will always work at a pace that feels comfortable for your little one. We accomplish this by satisfying their sense of curiosity about the surgery environment and making the appointment interactive.

childrens dentist mooloolah qldYour Child’s First Dental Visit

The Australian Dental Association recommends you bring your child in for their first dental check-up when their first teeth appear. This can be done at the time of your own maintenance or check-up appointment in a relaxed, no-pressure environment. 

Sometimes children are shy or anxious, so the first visit might just be a ride in the chair with Mum or Dad. We would love to help make sure your child feels comfortable and confident when visiting a dentist throughout their lives.

Preventing Dental Caries (Cavities)

Even though they will eventually fall out to make space for permanent teeth, deciduous (baby) teeth provide the blueprint for your child’s adult smile. Baby teeth retain space and guide the development of the jaw and bone.

Dental decay is one of the most preventable childhood diseases, which is why Mooloolah Dental emphasises prevention.

  • Children’s check-up and clean
  • Educating parents on home dental care
  • Demonstrating proper technique
  • Nutritional advice and counselling
  • Fluoride application
  • Fissure sealants

It’s important to remember that your child will need help from an adult to brush and floss their teeth until their motor skills and dedication improve enough for them to take over – usually around age six or seven.

kids dentist mooloolah qldChildhood Oral Development

We also evaluate children for early orthodontic intervention around age seven to ensure that development is progressing normally. Early childhood orthodontics may reduce treatment times later and prevent the need for extractions due to overcrowding.

Kids and Teen Dentistry

As children develop, their oral health needs change. Active children can benefit from sports mouthguards to protect their smiles while having fun. Custom sports mouthguards fit more snugly, which means they stay in the mouth properly, providing protection when your child needs it most. By absorbing impact from stray sports balls and elbows, your child can avoid avulsed (knocked-out) teeth and damage to the gum tissue.

Wisdom Teeth Evaluation

Older teens and young adults require an evaluation of their wisdom teeth, also called third molars. Because of changes to the shape of our jaws, wisdom teeth often do not have enough space to erupt correctly and may become impacted or infected. Removing them often improves health and can eliminate a potential source of pain and infection. However, nowadays if wisdom teeth remain asymptomatic and show no signs of disease or infection they are often left undisturbed.

Paediatric Dentistry in Mooloolah

For a family-friendly dentist who will treat every member of your family, contact us to book an appointment. We will help your child develop a healthy foundation for lifelong oral health.