Emergency Dentistry in Mooloolah, QLD

If you experience tooth pain, a toothache, swelling or bleeding, contact Mooloolah Dental to book an emergency appointment. Our team is dedicated to relieving your pain, restoring your oral health and helping you get back to your work or family schedule.

How to Prevent Dental Emergenciesdental emergencies mooloolah qld

Regular check-ups and x-rays are the best way to avoid dental emergencies; however, even with proper care, an emergency such as a chipped tooth, broken tooth or a toothache can sometimes occur. 

Our kind and professional team are here to help. 

Missing too many dental appointments allows dental conditions to progress and go untreated until suddenly, they become painful. A toothache is a sign that an advanced condition exists that requires professional attention as soon as possible.

Postponing your dental visit can mean more significant pain and even lead to tooth loss. 

We Are Prepared for Dental Emergencies

Our office staff will reserve emergency appointments each day so we can attend to your problem and make you comfortable. Often, any necessary treatment can be completed at this appointment. For more complex issues, we will do what is needed to make you comfortable and then schedule a further appointment(s) to complete your treatment.

For emergencies on weekends or public holidays, Mooloolah Dental participates in an emergency on-call roster. The emergency number is 0418 989 944.

emergency dentist mooloolah qldWhat to Expect at Your Emergency Dental Appointment

We understand that you might not feel your best when you arrive. Our gentle and compassionate team will immediately put you at ease and help get you back on the path to good oral health.

One of the first lines of diagnosis is to take an x-ray of the area to help our dentists determine what is causing your pain. If you have a broken tooth or dental crown, we will use the x-ray to determine the extent of the damage and determine if an infection is present.

We strive to complete your treatment during your emergency dental appointment. For more advanced procedures, such as a dental crown or root canal therapy, we will arrange a follow-up visit to complete your care.

No matter your condition, you will leave our Mooloolah dental practice with the answers you need, feeling much more comfortable.

Our dentists perform advanced treatments, such as root canals, without the need for a referral to another practice. Our patients appreciate the convenience of our comprehensive approach to dentistry and willingness to treat dental emergencies quickly.

Do You Have a Painful Tooth?

Even if you are new to Mooloolah Dental, we welcome you to join our dental family. Once we address your immediate concern, we will invite you to become a regular patient in our practice. Our dentists will organise a personal preventive treatment plan to keep you pain-free in the future.