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When you choose Mooloolah Dental to look after your family’s smiles, we want you to feel confident that you will receive the outstanding dentistry you deserve. We are available to answer any questions you may have regarding the services we provide, how you will be treated when you arrive and the experience of our professional staff. Some of our most common questions are listed below. 

If you don’t see the questions you are looking for, contact our Mooloolah dental clinic to speak with us directly. We look forward to hearing from you.


Due to the complexity and variation of dental treatments, over-the-phone estimates are difficult and sometimes impossible. It is important to us that you understand the details of the services that you require so you can make the decisions that work best for you. As part of our process, we will provide a written estimate of treatment costs, as well as different options for treatment at varying price levels.

Our experienced team are extremely supportive and know how to ensure that you feel comfortable, no matter what experience you have had in the past. We listen to and address all of your concerns, and will take the time to ensure you feel safe. Our team feels great pride and satisfaction in making Mooloolah Dental a safe and comfortable dental home for you.

Yes, there will generally be a gap after you claim on your health fund. This is because Mooloolah Dental is not contracted as a ‘preferred provider’ for any health fund. We believe that this status is important. Being a preferred provider for a dental fund is not an indicator of the quality of care that a dentist provides, but rather that the dentist has entered a financial, contractual arrangement with the dental fund regarding fees and rebates. Being independent gives us the freedom to make dental decisions based on the well-being of our patients and what they need, rather than having to include the interests of a health insurance company. This allows us to provide optimum patient care.

Cosmetic Dentistry

At Mooloolah Dental, our dentists can help patients in just about any situation when they are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth or gums. Feeling unhappy about your smile can have a severely negative impact on your quality of life, especially in the digital age when pictures live forever on the Internet and social media.

When you present yourself to the world in either social or business settings, having confidence in your smile can help you make a positive impression.

One of the most efficient ways to have a whole new smile is with dental veneers. Dental veneers cover the front of teeth to reshape it, improve the colour and add length when teeth have chips or wear.

Our skilled cosmetic dentists create chairside composite veneers our of tooth-coloured filling material. They can complete these in a single visit without the need for a dental laboratory or the wait for a final restoration.

Porcelain veneers are perhaps the most desired and revered cosmetic dental procedures. Thin, natural-looking restorations cover the front of teeth for an entirely new smile that looks translucent and shiny, just like natural teeth.

How many veneers you will need depends on the condition of your teeth and width of your smile. Contact our Mooloolah dental practice to discuss veneers and to learn about the endless possibilities.

If your teeth look small, worn or short, our dentists will evaluate your bite to determine if you have bruxism, or a teeth grinding, habit. Common signs of bruxism include worn or chipped teeth and bite marks along the inside of the cheeks.

To protect teeth, we create custom nightguards to wear during sleep. A nightguard, or bruxism splint, can protect teeth from cracks and wear.

If you want to restore your short-looking teeth, dental veneers on front teeth will add length and cover any damage caused by excessive wear. Crowns on posterior (back) teeth rebuild the bite and reduce sensitivity when chewing. To protect dentistry, we recommend the use of a nightguard every night, as teeth grinding can damage dental crowns and veneers similar to the natural teeth.

Teeth may also look short due to excessive gum tissue, or a gummy smile. Crown lengthening and gingival sculpting reshape the gum tissue, exposing more of the tooth structure. Gingival sculpting improves the smile in conjunction with veneers or on its own.

To learn more about cosmetic dentistry, contact our Mooloolah dental surgery to book a consultation with one of our Mooloolah dentists, and we will be happy to discuss your options.

Teeth whitening is a safe cosmetic procedure when it is performed by an experienced, trained dental professional. There is some risk of sensitivity with whitening treatments, and a skilled dentist will be able to suggest what degree of whitening is achievable for your teeth. We can also suggest remineralising agents to support the health of your teeth and to reduce sensitivity.

Emergency Dentistry

When a dental emergency occurs, always contact your dentist right away. A prompt call will help quickly ease any pain or discomfort, and also prevent an issue from getting worse. Our Mooloolah dental clinic will make the time to see you promptly if the emergency occurs during office hours. If there is an emergency after hours, our practice is part of a weekend on-call roster. Our emergency weekend number is 0418 989 944.


Paediatric Dentistry

Yes, Mooloolah Dental accepts new CDBS patients. Existing patients who are eligible for the new government-funded dental benefits will be automatically transferred to the new program.

You can start brushing your child’s teeth as soon as they start to appear. Use a baby toothbrush with tap water each night after the last feeding. A special low-fluoride toothpaste can be introduced for children at 18 months. By age three, children should be brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, with the help of a parent or caretaker up until age six or seven. At this age, they should be able to properly brush on their own. Your dentist will advise on assisting your child with flossing.

Tooth-Coloured Fillings

While there has been publicity regarding the safety of dental amalgam due to mercury toxicity, amalgam fillings are considered safe by both the World Health Organisation and the International Dental Federation. We have a comparatively much greater exposure to mercury from the minute amounts found in some foods such as fish. Tooth-coloured fillings are by far the material of choice for the majority of tooth repairs, and we rarely recommend amalgam. However, because amalgam restorations are known to be a durable option, they are in some cases the best option when resin fillings are not suitable.

Until recent decades, metal amalgam fillings were more popular due to their longevity and versatility. Since tooth-coloured materials have improved dramatically over the last twenty years, they have gained in popularity because they eliminate the negative impact that fillings have on patients’ smiles.

Composite fillings, which come in a variety of shades, consist of a blend of microscopic glass particles and plastic polymer and result in a natural-looking filling that blends in with the tooth.

At Mooloolah Dental, we use tooth-coloured fillings almost exclusively. They have a number of benefits over silver fillings.

Conservative – Composite fillings bond directly to the tooth structure, requiring the removal of less healthy tooth structure.

Stable – Metal fillings often feel sensitive because metal is a good conductor for temperature changes. Composite, tooth-coloured fillings may reduce sensitivity.

Reliable – Today’s tooth-coloured fillings last a long time. Most restorations will need to be replaced eventually. If you grind your teeth or develop secondary decay, you might need a new filling sooner.

Aesthetic – Tooth-coloured composite can make small repairs to teeth such as reshaping the tooth and filling in chips.

If you need a filling and want to learn more about tooth-coloured options, contact Mooloolah Dental. Our dentists will discuss the restorative options that will help you achieve your goals for your smile.

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